Magnetic Swivel LED Work Light – 400 Lumens – Rechargeable

Code: Swivel Work Light
Magnetic Swivel LED Work Light with 400 Lumens Main COB Light

Secondary Light 160 Lumens with Swivel Stand, Magnet and Dimming Function

  • BRIGHTNESS: 400 Lumens on the topside light and 160 Lumens on the pointer gives this battery powered work light illuminating power like no other flash light on the market.
  • BATTERY: 3.7 Volt 2000mAh lithium ion battery provides 2 1/2 hours of working time on the max setting for the large light. 4 hours on max setting for the pointer light. Charge time is approximately 3 hours via USB cable. Power indicator let’s you know how much charge remains.
  • UNIQUE FEATURES: Swivel stand acts a stand or handle to get the light right where it’s most needed. It has a powerful magnet on it allowing you to work hands free. Dimming function allows you to customize the level of light you need.
    DURABILITY: Rugged design made with hard ABS plastic and thermoplastic rubber holds up to the toughest abuse. This gives it rigidity, abrasion resistance, and non-slip grip. State of the art COB LED lighting for the cleanest brightest and most energy efficient light.
  • VERSATILITY : This magnetic light is perfect for any situation from an automotive light, work light, walking at night light or as emergency lights for home power failure. It also makes a great LED camping lamp, car flashlight, etc. The uses of this portable light are endless.

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The Workhorse Automotive Work Light is heavy duty, magnetic, rechargeable, and swivels – making it the perfect flashlight or work light for any situation. The light features two bulbs: the main (topside) light and pointer (spot) light. It’s unique rotating stand allows you to aim the spot light directly where it is needed most. Go hands free by placing the work light on any magnetic surface. It’s heavy duty lithium ion battery has a working time for the main body light of 2 1/2 hours on the max brightness setting, while the pointer light can last 4 hours on the max setting,  While this work light is rugged enough to withstand the abuses of everyday use, it is also the perfect light for numerous applications. These LED work lights are perfect for automotive technicians or do-it yourselfer’s. Perfect for camping, boating, garages and wherever a portable work light is needed!

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 3 × 2 in