TR412 Passenger Tire Valves, Replacement Valve Stems Pack of 50

Code: WH-TR412
TR412 Passenger Tire Valves, Replacement Valve Stems Pack of 50


  • QUALITY – TR412 valves stems are made with ozone resistant EPDM rubber. EPDM Rubber lasts longer and is more resistant to oxidation and other environmental elements than natural rubber. The valve will have a longer life and be less likely to have seal issues due to the degradation of the rubber no matter what environment: hot; cold; ice; snow or rain.
  • DURABILITY – Valve core is a high-temperature rated nickel plated brass.
  • RELIABILITY – Each valve is stamped with the manufacturing lot code so each valve can be traced back to it’s manufacturing date along with the raw materials used in it’s production. Our valves are produced using the strictest quality control standards.
  • VERSATILITY – Perfect for a variety of vehicles including cars, truck, lawn tractors and ATV’s and UTV’s.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Valve Type: TR412, Effective Length: 7/8″, Fits Rim Hole Diameter of .453″ , Max Air Pressure 65 PSI

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Workhorse TR412 Premium Replacement Snap-in Valves – the highest quality components are used to create a valve that lasts.

Workhorse Automotive high quality TR412 replacement rubber valve stems.  Remove old stem using a valve stem tool and insert new valve stem through the rim hole on the inside of the wheel.  Product includes 50 valve stems with high temperature nickel plated brass valve core and premium valve stem cap. Made of ozone resistant EPDM rubber.

* Made of EPDM Rubber to meet SAE ozone requirements
* EPDM Rubber has a broader temperature range and remains flexible even in cold weather.

Integrity: Each valve we sell is stamped with a lot code so each valve can be traced back to it’s manufacturing date.

* Beware of valves that do not have a lot code or name stamped on them.
* The more information on the valve the more reputable the company.

Versatility:  The Workhorse TR412 is perfect for many applications including:

*Golf Carts

High Temp Valve Core
Withstands high heat applications and lasts longer than other valve cores.

EPDM Rubber
Withstands ozone degradation so it can withstand extreme temperatures and remain flexible even in cold weather.

Brass Valve Stem
Valve stem made with the highest quality brass available for durability and reliability.

Secure-Loc Valve Cap
High quality valve cap with secure-loc O-ring to protect the integrity of the valve.

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