Premium Replacement High Temp Valve Stem Cores, Pack of 100

Premium Replacement High Temp Valve Stem Cores Pack of 100


  • QUALITY – These replacement valve cores are made with the highest quality brass and nickel plated for added longevity and reliability. This provides the additional benefit of preventing galvanic corrosion when installing in aluminum valve stems or clamp-in style valves.
  • Reliability – High temperature valve core is able to withstand the most rugged applications, including high heat applications like buses and garbage trucks where frequents stops lead to high heat wheel assemblies. Valves are suited to withstand extreme temperature and weather.
  • VERSATILITY – Perfect for a variety of vehicles including cars, truck, lawn tractors and ATV’s and UTV’s and Motorcycles, Whitewater Rafts.
  • HOW TO USE – Using a valve core removal tool, remove old valve core. Insert new Workhorse Automotive valve core onto valve core tool and insert into tire valve stem and screw down until tight.
  • Replace valve core any time you are performing service on your tires. A cheap valve stem core can degrade and fail over time and should be replaced with a high quality valve core to ensure easy filling of tires as well as to ensure there is no leakage from the valve core

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Workhorse Automotive’s Premium Nickel Plated Brass High Temperature replacement valve cores are the perfect addition to any professional garage or Do-It-Yourselfer who wants the best.

Quickly and easily replace old, broken or worn out valve cores. Rest easy knowing your valve stems are sealed with the highest quality valve cores available. Always top your valve stems with a valve cap to help keep out dirt, grime and contaminants as well as protect it from the weather. Workhorse Automotive prides itself on providing only the highest quality tire and wheel products. Each pack comes with 100 replacement valve cores.

These replacement valve cores are suitable for all types of applications including cars, trucks, buses, ATV’s, UTV’s, golf carts, lawn mowers, trailers and more. They are perfect for inflatable rafts for whitewater rafting. Replace old worn out valve cores to ensure a leak free seal with the tire valve stem. It is recommended to replace the valve core any time the wheel is removed from the rim.


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