Author: Ken


Quality Matters: Why the TR600HP Valve Stem from Workhorse Automotive is a Top Choice for Truck Tires

Whether it’s a box truck, moving van or any other vehicle on the road, reliable performance and control are essential to ensuring safety. That’s why the TR600HP Valve Stem is a trusted component in trucks around the world – thanks to its durable construction and full brass core. Its superior quality controls provide longevity for even the toughest of conditions, making it the top choice for high-performance tire applications.

So let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications that set the TR600HP Valve Stem apart from the competition: discover why truck drivers and professionals trust this component to keep their vehicles running safely and efficiently.


Material and Design:

The TR600HP Valve Stem is designed for rugged use, providing durability and reliability even in harsh conditions and demanding applications.
100% brass stem: Unlike cheap alternatives that use a yellow zinc coating, the TR600HP valve stem is made entirely of brass, ensuring a longer lifespan and better performance in truck tire applications.

High-Quality Core:

The full brass core is coated with the industry’s best nickel plating, adding extra durability and longevity. It is also rated for high temperatures and can handle frequent starts and stops in high-heat applications.

Long-lasting Rubber:

The brass valve is enclosed in EPDM rubber, which outlasts natural rubber and resists environmental degradation.

Quality Control:

All TR600HP valve stems are manufactured to strict quality control standards and meet SAE JI205-JI206 performance criteria for aging, heat, and ozone resistance.

TR600HP valve stem specifications:

With its extra-wide base, 1-1/4″ effective length, and 80 PSI high-pressure rating, the TR600HP valve stem is suitable for a variety of truck applications, including box trucks and moving vans.

From its durable material to its strict quality control standards, The TR600HP Valve Stem is a reliable source of improved performance and control in the most challenging truck tire applications.

It is engineered with ruggedness in mind, providing durability and reliability even when used under strenuous applications and severe weather conditions.

Workhorse Automotive Products is committed to producing quality hardware for our customers. We want you on the road safe.